WIngs of Grace



The Wings of Grace Disaster Relief Center is a nonprofit organization. They opened as a crisis response to administer assistance following the devastating tornado of April 27, 2011. They are located in Tuscaloosa and are housed within Forest Lake Baptist Church.




Social media is one of the most efficient ways to target large groups of people, so we implemented a strategy of posting a graphic every day for three days leading up to the event to raise awareness.


Wings of Grace started off funded by an organization by the disaster relief funds. Wings of Grace is in need of funding from corporations to continue providing the needs for people. 



Our team and I created ways to help the community aware of Wings of Grace and why they do during operation hours.

Wings of Grace started out being funded by the National Disaster Relief Organization but after three years they lost their funding and we created a way to help the volunteers ask for funding from community and corporations during their busy schedules.


Valentiene’s Day Promotion

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always include everyone. This is why Wings of Grace decided to do a free giveaway for everyone to feel loved. The posts contained details about what would be included in the giveaway hoping to increase the number of participants in the event and when the event was happening.. We decided as a group to design graphics to post on social media. We decided to create a post leading up to the big event and tell people the main reasons why Wings of Grace created this event. 



We also created a sponsorship flyer to give to corporations to help raise money for Wings of Grace. This packet will provide the information and different levels for the corporations to decide how they want to help. Also the packet can be handed out to the community in the area trying to get the community to help support Wings of Grace. 


Published Work