The Project

Random Word Generator presented me with 5 different words and I chose one that I imagined making a company for. I choose the word SCRAWL and created a company that electronically signs forms and documents over the phone and computer. This company will provide an easier way for people to sign documents when they cannot make it to the office. 


The Process

Mood Board 

Creating a Mood Board allowed me to wrap my head around how I wanted to create and design this logo for a made up company. 


Creating sketches allows me to create many different ideas on paper and see which design would work and ones that will not before building them out in illustrator. 

COlor Scheme

Logo Designs 

Once I found a design for the logo; i created it in Illustrator and made different versions. 

FInal Logo 

Mock uP

I created letterheads, business cards, and mailing envelopes for the compnay to use all with their logo.

COntact ME!

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