The Project

A group in Demopolis started meeting together and created a Small group under Highlands. They have building they call home, “The Center.” They needed help creating awareness of the meetings in the community but didn’t know where to start. 


The Process

Logo / Business Card 

Another girl who is an artist and I worked together creating a logo to be used for social media and other things. 

Instagram Page

I created a Instagram page to create awareness on social media of the Small Group. The members would share the posts on their personal feeds/stories tagging the page.

Easter FLyers 

Easter Service is a big service so the small group advertisements specifically for this service. They rebuilding awareness with posting these flyers I created on their social media and hanging them around Demopolis and surrounding towns. 

Summer Blast  

 I created a flyer for Highlands Small Group Demopolis own twist of summer blast in Demopolis.

Kids Class

I have created sheets and flyers for the nursery and children’s class to run smoother and also a flyer to go out on Easter Sunday to parents inviting them back on Sunday mornings. 

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