Coco Louie


The Project

I was an intern for Coco Louie doing multiple tasks. 

First, I resigned how to take product images for the upcoming website. 

I started working in the store as a sales associate to understand the environment and passion for the store.

I was able to take over their social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram, and produce images in a way they hadn’t before.

I also collaborated with Ashley Roberts, Owner of Gulf Coast City Lifestyle Magazine, for an ad for Coco Louie in the first release of the magazine in September 2022. 



Social Media Plan

When I took over social media the owner wasn’t pleased with the work by the previous worker.

I planned out a photoshoot to give the images of the purses a take in the real world and how you could style the unique ones with your outfits!

We joined up with Shades to use their clothing in the images. We took pictures at the Wharf in multiple locations.

I also had the idea of clean and crisp for the platform so I started taking images on the green wall in the store and some with a white background. 


Social Media LInks

Magazine Ad

Coco Louie purchased an Advertising spot in the Gulf Coast City Lifestyle Magazine. Their ad will run for 3 months then will be given option to renew the same ad or create another one. I got the opportunity to work alongside Ashley Roberts, the owner of the magazine, to design Coco Louie ad. 

Mary Jernigan, the owner of Coco Louie, also received a press release in the magazine and the cover picture used was one that I took while interning; I have photo credits in the magazine.   

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COntact ME!

[email protected]

(334) 782-6761