CAnebrake Boutique


The Project

I was hired to rebrand this small boutique in Demopolis, AL. 

First, I redesigned and reworked how posting on their social media pages worked. I built a constant theme across their platforms and built their customer base on media. 

I re-created their website from scratch. Whatever they had was gone and I made the website more clean and simple. I changed colors. I changed the layout of the pages. 

I created promotions to run through the holidays to build engagement. 

I created campaigns that the store would host an open house every month with discounts and treats for their customers to build relationships with employees. 


The Process


When I arrived they had an updated existing logo. I created them a more clean and simple logo that still reflected their brand

Business cards

When going to market some companies ask for business cards. Canebrake Boutique didn’t have any made. I created a set used for a while still having the old branding on them. Then I created a new updated version with the new branding on it. 

Cover Photo for Facebook 

Even though the cover of a business page might not seem important, it is. This is the first thing your customers see when they go to your page. Having your information on there and even a call to action grabs their attention. 


Thank You cards  

When customers order online Canebrake Boutique wanted them to feel special and build a relationship with them. I created thank you cards that when employees packed the shipment they would hand write a thank you card to the customer including their name and the specific items they ordered. I created one with the old branding and new branding. 




 Canebrake Boutique needed a way to get email address and build their awareness in the city. So I created a giveaway promotion of items in the store worth $250 and all customers had to do was give us their email address and share the post we made on Facebook. 

Grab Bags

Canebrake Boutique needed a way to move the sale items out to make room for new arrivals. I came up with doing Grab Bag which means customers pay a set price and the employees pack the bag with 4 random items in the size they ordered.  


These are pieces that I have created for the store to be posted on social media or other platforms. 

Media pLan

Company History 

I researched the company and found all the little details about why they are open and how the business started.   I did a background of the company so that I knew where to go while trying to improve their social media platforms. 


COntact ME!

[email protected]

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COntact ME!

[email protected]

(334) 782-6761