American Forests


The Project

I decided to select an existing company and rebrand it.

American Forests launched in 1875 to advocate for a careful and science-based strategy to manage and conserve forests. American Forests thrives on improving forests and contributing to issues by slowing climate change.

 American Forests wants people to understand the necessity forests provides for them. Forests create habitats for wildlife and clean water for society.

American Forests’ mission is to create healthy forests that distribute essential benefits for climate, people, water, and wildlife.


The Process

Old Logo 

new Logo 

Onliness statement

I had to create a concept that would differentiate American Forests from the other forests in the world. 

American Forests developed a vision for scaling up reforestation across the country while improving climate change.

Static Mood Board

I made this mood board for a visual representation of the brand.


Dynamic Mood Board  

This board is for a visual representation of an advertising promotional video. 


Brand Book